Why Can’t I have Chocolate for Breakfast?

This term Nursery will be taking part in lots of exciting activities around the topic ‘Why Can’t I have Chocolate for Breakfast?’  We will be starting our topic off by exploring different foods and whether they are foods that we can eat lots of or whether they are healthier if they are eaten as a treat.

Over the term children will have the opportunity to make a healthy starter, main course and a treat for pudding! We will be using recipes from the Phunky Foods programme that we use in School.

Further learning opportunities for the children this term will include the following:

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development children will have the opportunity to share their holiday news. Children will be talking about people that are special to them and why. This will lend itself well to children designing their own Mother’s Day card.

In Physical Development children will be taking part in brain gym and keeping fit with Sticky kids.

In Literacy children will be exploring the following books and will become engaged in different activities to suit their learning needs around the titles below:

  • Goldilocks and The Three Bears
  • Handa’s Surprise
  • Handa’s Hen and
  • The Easter Story

Children will continue to take picture/word books home this term and they will have a phonics book so that they can practise their sounds at home.  Children will also be starting Guided Reading in school.

In Maths children will have the opportunity to buy items from the role play shop, count out pennies carefully and look at matching numeral to quantity. Teachers will plan activities that are tailored to meet children’s individual needs.

As part of Understanding The World children will be learning about Easter and why some people celebrate it. Children will be able to use ICT to design their own egg and we will be taking the children on an Easter egg hunt!

In Expressive Arts and Design children will have the opportunity to design their own chocolate wrapper and explore art work in the style of Arcimboldo’s fruit and vegetable pictures.

To end our topic we will be taking children in small groups to Thorntons in town (W/ C 21/03/16)  where we will have the opportunity to explore different types of chocolate and children will have the opportunity to buy their parents/carers a chocolate gift for Easter. If any parents/carers are able to help out on this trip please give your name to Miss North who will be organising the visit.

As well as providing a topic for each term the Nursery staff regularly discuss with the children what they would like out in our Nursery, this enhances our provision for the children.  Through closely observing the children, activities are then planned to meet their individual learning needs in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

If you would like to discuss the topic or your child’s learning in more detail please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher.  Look out for photographs of us taking part in the activities on our website!