Parental/Carer Satisfaction Questionnaire – October 2015

Response Rate = 23%

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Year 2
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Year 6


Agree Disagree Strongly
About your Child
My child enjoys being at Ormiston South Parade Academy 74% 26%
My child has settled well into their new year group 75% 24% 1%
My child speaks positively about their new teacher 74% 25% 1%
My child talks to me about their learning 63% 34% 3%
My child is treated fairly by staff 74% 25% 1%
My child is encouraged by staff to achieve his or her best 72% 27% 1%
There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable 70% 29% 1%
My child is encouraged by staff to become mature and independent 66% 33% 1%
My child feels safe at academy 73% 25% 2%
Ethos and Attitudes
The academy promotes the right attitudes and values 66% 31% 3%
The behaviour system encourages positive behaviour 62% 36% 2%
The academy is effective at dealing with behaviour issues 56% 39% 4% 1%
The academy celebrates pupil’s achievements and successes in learning and behaviour 70% 30%
The academy encourages 100% attendance 78% 22%
I am satisfied with the range of opportunities I have to discuss my child with their teacher 53% 36% 9% 2%
I am comfortable approaching the academy with a question or concern (informally or formally) 70% 29% 1%
The academy is good at seeking the views of parents 54% 43% 2% 1%
The academy acts quickly on parents’ suggestions and concerns 44% 50% 6%
I am happy with the overall communications from academy to home 57% 37% 6%
Academy Leadership
The academy is well managed by the Principal and leadership team 66% 31% 1% 2%
Academy Provision
I felt well supported when my child joined the academy 70% 30%
The academy is good at providing extra support when required to meet the needs of my child 58% 40% 1% 1%
I am happy with the provision of academy visits & residentials 62% 36% 2%
I am happy with the quality of academy lunches 56% 41% 3%
I am happy with the condition of the academy’s buildings 67% 31% 2%
I am happy with the condition of the academy’s grounds 59% 28% 12% 1%
Ormiston South Parade in the Community
Ormiston South Parade is a welcoming academy 74% 25% 1%
Ormiston South Parade is overall a happy academy 73% 27%
Ormiston South Parade is highly thought of in the community 66% 33% 1%
Overall I am happy with Ormiston South Parade 69% 29% 2%
I would recommend this academy to others 69% 27% 2% 2%

Further Comments
If you have any further comments about what we do well, please write them below:

We received a huge number of very positive comments. Thank you! Below are a small selection:

I am extremely happy with how friendly the staff are and also with how they push the children to be the best they can be in every way it has helped my children become happy, helpful and the best they can be.I think the texting system of communication with us is very good.

SEN support in the past year has been excellent.

I love how reading is very much a game the children enjoy playing to receive the rewards both from the reading challenge and in their learning.

Seeing the Principal in the playground is good.

Praise and incentive schemes for behaviour.

Overall the academy is brilliant at everything they do.

The text messages are good regarding any info we need to know.

I am happy my child feels safe with his teacher and is getting a bond with the teacher.

If you have any further comments about what we should improve on, please write them below:

We received a small number of comments suggesting improvements. Thank you for these comments which help us to make our academy even better. Please find below details of how we are addressing each issue:

• A request for more PE and wider range of physical activities
We deliver a very full curriculum and as part of that we provide pupils with up to 2 hours of PE each week. Each year group currently receives expert sports tuition through the School Sports Partnership. In addition we offer pupils 7 different sports related after school clubs. PE Co-ordinator, Miss Eddington, organises football and netball inter-school tournaments. Gymnastics and badmington tournaments will commence after Christmas.
• A request for longer lunchtimes
We have been looking very closely at how lunchtimes are managed over the past few months. The Senior Leadership Team and Family Support Worker have been assisting with lunchtimes to improve the flow of pupils and to create a more positive dining experience. This has increased the amount of time all pupils have to eat their lunch and feedback from pupils has been very positive. We encourage all pupils to have good manners at lunchtime and to use cutlery appropriately so that it is a pleasant experience for everybody. We will continue to monitor the situation closely but are satisfied that at present it is working effectively.
• Queries regarding the academy grounds
We are also very disappointed that the academy field is still out of action. The field was drained as part of the building works for the new classrooms and it is the contractors’ responsibility to re-seed and maintain it to its previous condition. Unfortunately this has not happened and we are working closely with them to remedy the situation as soon as possible.
• Inclusion of working parents
We recognise that working parents/carers are not always able to attend events during the academy day. We aim to give as much notice as possible in our monthly newsletter and on our academy website to make it easier to plan in advance. Parent/carer pupil progress meetings are run until 7pm. We have changed the time of our Governor meetings to 5pm so more working parents/carers can apply for the role. Workshops are usually held at 3.30 pm but in response to comments we will now also repeat them at an early evening slot. Please let us know if we can make any other changes to assist you.
• Term time holidays and punctuality
Please note that we have very clear guidelines about this in the parent information section of our website. The principal can only grant term time holidays in ‘exceptional circumstances’.
Please note that the academy’s attendance and punctuality policy adheres to government policy.

If any parent/carer would like to discuss this or any other issue in more detail please contact the academy office who will be able to arrange a meeting with the Principal, Miss Nolan.


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