Moon Zoom

Moon Zoom

CRASH! What’s that in the playground? Let’s go outside and take a look! Stand back everyone – it looks like a UFO has crash landed. Find out who might have landed by exploring the craft.  Would you like to be an astronaut? You’ll need a pretty sturdy spacecraft if you do. Start off making a model spaceship, how many windows? How many doors?  Find the names of the planets. There’s Mercury, Mars… Do you know any others?  Then, an alien is found… Can you help get him home? It’s got the experts in a right kerfuffle. Professor Pong doesn’t know what to do. Are you ready to take off Year 1? Hold tight, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lift off!


Our book focus this term will be Man on the Moon. Children will be writing their own space stories. Also, this half term our children will be completing work on non-fiction texts such as reports, recounts and information posters.   The children will analyse the language features, sentence structure and context of information about space, rockets and planets in our Solar System. They will then develop these further and build up to writing their own non chronological reports, recounts and information posters with the use of improved V.C.O.P.  (Vocabulary/ Conjunctions/ Openers/ Punctuation).


Reading is an essential tool for your child’s learning and we ask that you encourage your child to read aloud every night and answer questions about what they have read.

Your child has been given a reading record that you can record any comments about their reading and the class teacher will also keep a record of how many times they read each week.  Your child will receive prizes the more they read!

Your child must bring their reading bag to school every day so that they can change their book and also so the teacher can count how many times your child has read.

In Maths this term children will focus their number skills, fractions and money through ‘Effective Maths’.  Effective Maths allows children to gain a deeper understanding of the number system and place value.

Times Tables

Year 1 children will be practising their times tables and division facts for 2x, 5x, 10x.


We will be using our imagination to create spaceship pictures and rockets using a range of drawing tools.

Design and Technology:

This half term we will be designing and building a model spaceship using construction materials.

Remember to bring your PE kit every Thursday.  Our PE focus this term will be ball games. It would be preferred if PE kits remain in school throughout the half term. All jewellery must be removed on PE days or plasters sent in to school with your child to cover up ear rings.


Our science work this half term will focus on ‘materials’. The children will investigate what different objects are made out of and to sort these objects based on the properties of the materials.  We will also complete an investigation about balloon rockets – which one travels the furthest and begin to record our results in a table.  In addition to this we will also be learning about Light and Dark and why we have day and night.

Use basic geographical vocabulary to name physical and human features of familiar places,  Children will learn the names and locations of the planets.