Enchanted Wood

If you go down in the enchanted woods today you’re sure of a big surprise!

Foxes and badgers, voles and mice, beady-eyed owls in the swaying tree tops. Beneath the leaves are tiny footprints…animal or imp? You decide!

Deciduous or evergreen? What can you find? Can you match a leaf to the tree? Can you match a petal to the flower?

Let’s build a den, stick by stick and branch by branch. Or we could make a teeny tiny home for a woodland fairy!

Then let’s party down in the woods, with Mr Fox and all his woodland friends. We’d better not get lost….let’s leave a trail of stones like Hansel and Gretel!


The focus is plants. We will be looking at a variety of wild and garden plants including deciduous and evergreen. We will also identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will also be looking at a variety of habitats and sorting living and non-living things.


Using a range of materials creatively to design and make products such as a boggart, sculpture of an animal and observational drawing.

Design and Technology

This half term we will be designing homes for enchanted woodland folk. During our woodland walk we will use natural materials to build the miniature homes and create woodland crowns.


We will be devising all types of maps to guide us through the Enchanted Wood!


This term our focus is throwing and catching skills.