This term our exciting new topic is ‘predators’. The children start by looking at different predators and their prey and investigating their characteristics. The topic links through to all curriculum areas. An overview of Maths and Literacy skills that will be covered can be found below.  Please do not hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher for any further information.

Literacy including Spelling Punctuation and Grammar

In literacy the children are going to be learning about how to write a scary story. They will also be learning about fable and poetry. In all areas listed above, the focus will be drafting, editing and improving in order to create the best final piece that they can.

Our Grammar, punctuation and spelling learning will focus on the following skills;

  • Expressing time, place and cause using conjunctions [for example, when, before, after, while, so, because]
  • Formation of nouns using a range of prefixes [for example super–, anti–, auto–]


In Maths this term children will focus our learning on the following skills;

  • Multiplication facts
  • Multiplication
  • Division


In topic this term your child will become an expert on the animal world. We will discover the perfect predator and its prey and learn all about how food chains work in the animal world.

This topic will cover the following curriculum areas;

Science: The learning will focus food chains, fossils and plants.

Geography: We will be using maps to locate countries and continents.

Design Technology/ Art: We will be using collage and textiles to create models.

Computing: We will be learning to research online and how to present our information.

French: We will be learning the months of the year.