Why do leaves go crispy?

This term Nursery will be taking part in lots of exciting activities around the topic ‘Why do leaves go crispy? We will be starting off our topic with a trip to the Boulevard where children will have the opportunity to collect autumn treasures, take part in bark rubbing and exploring the leaves.  We are hoping to take children to the bakery at Tesco to look at how bread is made and then provide the children with the opportunity to make bread in school. Once December arrives you can look forward to your child taking part in their first Christmas concert and all of the Christmas festivities!

Further learning opportunities for the children this term will include the following:

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development children will learn about how to keep safe on Bonfire Night and the reason why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We will also be exploring photographs that we have taken on our visits and discussing and recalling our events.

In Physical Development children will be encouraged to continue to work on their independence skills, for example, putting on their own coats, hats and gloves.  We will also be moving like fireworks and taking part in Brain gym.

In Literacy children will be exploring the following books and will become engaged in different activities to suit their learning needs around the titles below:

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Little Red Hen

The Big Sneeze

The Christmas Story

Father Christmas needs a wee!

In Maths children will be working on tallying, comparing amounts and counting carefully.   Individual plans will be put into place to help support your child in number.

As part of Understanding The World and Expressive Arts and Design children will have the opportunity to learn about the Festival of Light – Diwali.  They will have the opportunity to make Rangoli patterns and candle holders using clay.  Over the term children will also be able to create woodland environments in the tough spot, take part in leaf printing using a press print technique, making woodland creatures, taking part in a leaf dance, learning new Christmas songs and making lots of exciting Christmas crafts.

As well as providing a topic for each term the Nursery staff regularly discuss with the children what they would like out in our Nursery, this enhances our provision for the children.  Through closely observing the children, activities are then planned to meet their individual learning needs in a fun, interactive and engaging way.