Why Can’t we have Chocolate for Breakfast?

Our topic this term is ‘Why Can’t we have Chocolate for Breakfast?’ This interest provides ideas for stimulating children’s curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about the things we eat and how they can affect our health and wellbeing. Our memorable experience will be a walk to Sainsbury’s to explore the different healthy and unhealthy foods that we buy. We will also be looking around the bakery to see how bread is made.

An overview of the activities and skills that will be covered can be found below.


  • Writing labels/sentences
  • Writing cards
  • Sequencing a story
  • Making our own story endings
  • Writing instructions
  • Using adjectives


  • Recording using marks that we can interpret
  • Number formation
  • Money
  • Addition and subtraction

Personal, Social and Emotional:

  • Celebrate diversity within families
  • Mother’s Day celebrations
  • Discussing healthy and unhealthy food
  • Looking at food in other countries
  • Easter


  • Indoor apparatus – moving in different ways and taking risks

Understanding the World:

  • Discuss family traditions
  • Smelling, tasting and touching different food
  • Life cycles
  • Looking at changes over time (decay of fruit, vegetables and flowers)

Expressive Arts and Design:

  • Joining materials in different ways
  • Creating different textures
  • Colour mixing
  • Making a chocolate painting