What is Reflection?

Welcome to the start of your child’s learning journey with us in Nursery, all of the teachers are looking forward to getting to know your child and to help your child to settle into their new groups in Nursery. This term we will be exploring the topic ‘What is a reflection?’ Here are some of the photographs from our settling in sessions where your child used mirrors to look at themselves and create their own faces on paper plates!

The children in Nursery have got lots of exciting learning opportunities to look forward to this term! These will include going on a reflection hunt around the school, exploring reflective objects, having fun dressing up, using props and looking at their own creative reflections in our home corner! We are excited about setting up our stage in the outdoor environment to allow children to dress up and perform! They will also get to meet our Guinea Pigs ‘Cookie’ and ‘Twinkle’ and help look after our chickens!

Further learning opportunities for the children this term will include the following:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development children will begin to build relationships with their peers and teachers and grow in confidence. They will be encouraged to develop their independence skills through exploring their new environment and they will learn about the Nursery routine and our Good to be Green’ behaviour reward system. Children will also begin to gain an understanding of healthy foods through a face making activity!

Physical Development

In Physical Development children will be encouraged to work on their independence skills, for example, putting on their own coats, hats, gloves. We will also teach children about the importance of washing their hands after going to the toilet, before eating snack and after stroking our Guinea Pigs. Children will have the opportunity to take part in obstacle courses and learn to move in different ways, e.g jumping, hopping.


In Literacy children will be exploring the following books and will become engaged in different activities to suit their learning needs around the titles below:

  • Goldilocks and The Three Bears
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Jack and the Beanstalk


In Maths children will be singing number songs and exploring the maths area during our transition weeks. Individual plans will then be put into place to help support your child in number and shape activities. We will share with you activities that you can do at home to help support your child.

Understanding The World and Expressive Arts and Design

As part of Understanding The World and Expressive Arts and Design children will have the opportunity to explore reflection in water and reflective clothing, use mirrors to explore symmetry and find out about symmetrical patterns.

As well as providing a topic for each term the Nursery staff regularly discuss with the children what they would like out in our Nursery, this enhances our provision for the children. Through closely observing the children, activities are then planned to meet their individual learning needs in a fun, interactive and engaging way.