How Many Colours in a Rainbow?

Welcome back to another of our very exciting topics. This term we will be exploring the topic ‘How many colours in a rainbow?’

The children in Nursery have got lots of exciting learning opportunities to look forward to this term! We will be starting our topic off by going on a colour walk around the school and finding out what challenges our colourful Parrot has planned for us! Later on this term we will be exploring art work in the style of Piet Mondrian, where he uses blocks of primary colours with black bordering to create art work.

Towards the end of the term we will finish our topic with a trip to Hall Farm Park – look out for the letter about this coming soon.

Further learning opportunities for the children this term will include the following:

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development children will learn about different types of foods and which foods we should eat more of and which we should eat less of to maintain a healthy diet. Children will also be learning about dental hygiene and the importance of looking after their teeth.

In Physical Development children will be exploring how to move in different ways. We will be focusing on ball skills, playing parachute games, making obstacle courses and developing our physical skills.

In Literacy and Communication and Language Development children will be exploring the following books and they will become engaged in different activities to suit their own learning needs around the titles below:

  • Pirates Love Underpants
  • A Squash and a Squeeze
  • What the Ladybird heard

In Maths children will be learning about shape, ordering according to length, size and height, using scales to weigh and gain an understanding of heavy and lighter objects. We will begin to look at estimation and finding the total number of objects.  Activities are planned to meet the needs of each individual child.

As part of Understanding The World and Expressive Arts and Design children will have the opportunity to grow cress seeds, contribute to our Rainbow town, go on a bug hunt, enjoy a visit from the Police learning about their occupation, using ICT as a means of finding out information, exploring with colour making different coloured glasses, icing biscuits and finding out how to change the colour of icing.

As well as providing a topic for each term the Nursery staff regularly discuss with the children what they would like out in our Nursery, this enhances our provision for the children. Through closely observing the children, activities are then planned to meet their individual learning needs in a fun, interactive and engaging way.