Exploring Buildings

This term Nursery will be taking part in lots of exciting activities around the topic ‘Exploring Buildings’. We will be starting off our topic with a visit to different parts of the school to look at the differences between buildings, such as old and new, different types of brick used and the heights and shapes of building.  We are hoping to arrange for a builder to visit the children and demonstrate how bricks are cemented together.  If any parents are builders or you know of anyone that is suitable and willing to give up a little of their time please speak to Miss North in Nursery.

It is also a very exciting time for our Guinea Pigs – Twinkle and Cookie as they celebrate their 1st birthday on Wed 3rd February! We have lots of celebrations this term because coming up on the 8th February it is Chinese New Year. We will be teaching the children about the Chinese celebration and taking part in some food tasting.

Further learning opportunities for the children this term will include the following:

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development children will be travelling around the world as part of Alfie’s around the world adventure! This is part of our Phunky Foods programme and involves visiting different countries and learning about where some different foods come from.

In Physical Development children will be taking part in brain gym and keeping fit with Sticky kids.

In Literacy children will be exploring the following books and will become engaged in different activities to suit their learning needs around the titles below:

‘The Three Little Pigs’

‘A Guinea Pig Party’

‘The world Came To My Place Today’

Children will start to take picture/word books home this term and they will have a phonics book so that they can practise their sounds at home.  Children will also be starting Guided Reading in school.

There will be lots of opportunities available for mark making across all areas of the curriculum which is highlighted in more depth on our provision plan. One special event will be when children have the opportunity to make cards for our Guinea Pigs birthday!

In Maths children will be working on matching numerals and quantity, exploring shape and positional language.   Individual plans will be put into place to help support your child in number and Shape, Space and Measure.

As part of Understanding The World children will be learning about Chinese New Year, which country different foods are grown in, how houses are built and the different types of houses that people live in.

In Expressive Arts and Design children will have the opportunity to design and make their own house, take part in brick rubbing and who can make the largest newspaper building competition! Children will also have the chance to build a raft using different materials and test it out!

As well as providing a topic for each term the Nursery staff regularly discuss with the children what they would like out in our Nursery, this enhances our provision for the children.  Through closely observing the children, activities are then planned to meet their individual learning needs in a fun, interactive and engaging way.