Rights Champions


Will – “I wanted to be in steering group to make sure that people understand that they have access to all of the rights.”

Megan – “I wanted to be a apart of steering group as I want to make the school better for everyone and raise money for charities.”

Ruby – “I wanted to be a member of steering group because I enjoy helping our school and making decisions with the other children.”

Emily – “I like to be in steering group so I can help the school improve to be the best it can be.”

Tyler – “I want to help all of the pupils in the school and I enjoy fundraising so that’s something that I want to make sure keeps happening.”

Ella – “I like to learn about children’s rights and I enjoy that we get to deliver assemblies to the pupils and generate ideas for fundraising events.”

Tia – “I wanted to be in steering group because I like to learn about our rights and helping people.”

April-Marie – “I like to discuss things about our school and create ideas for fundraising.”

Cullen – “I enjoy steering group and like to share all of the ideas I have and contribute to the school.”





Elections for the steering group are held every September and below are a couple of the speeches from this years nominees.

Steering group speech 1

Steering group speech 2