Reception (F2)

Welcome to Reception (F2)


At Ormiston South Parade Academy (OSPA) we offer all children in the Reception year a full time place from September.

When are we open?

The school opens and 8:50am and closes at 3:05pm.

Who will look after my child?

The classes share one large learning space. Each class has a Teacher and an Early Years Practitioner or Teaching Assistant.

Blue Class Pink Class Green Class
Teacher Amelia Challen Terry Marriott Stacey Payne
Support Staff Jo Woodhams Becky Olley Hannah Hutton
Laura Norton


What will my child do all day?

In the Early Years, children learn best through play and first-hand experiences. We believe it is important for children to learn through a combination of adult-led and child-initiated activities. However, as the year progresses, we begin to build in more structured or adult-led activities to help children prepare for more formal learning, ready for Year 1. During adult-led activities, staff will teach new ideas and concepts, the children are then given time to practise and apply the skills in their play. We set up the environment with careful thought about every child’s needs, interests and stages of development. We have skilled staff that interact with the children, extend their play ideas and challenge their thinking.

Your child will be assessed through on-going observations of their play and adult-led activities. This information is then uploaded to an online facility called ‘Tapestry’ which provides a learning journey for their progress and achievements. You will also be able to access Tapestry and we encourage your full involvement.

For more information, please see the Curriculum section.

I am interested, what do I do next?

Please contact the office and we will arrange to show you around and introduce you to the staff. Once you have visited and completed any paperwork, your child will be able to start.