Mind to be Kind

Our Academy is excited to be part of the ‘A Mind to be Kind’ project. The aim of this project is to develop a culture were kindness, without an expectation of reward, becomes a way of life for staff as well as children. Rather than focusing on performing acts of kindness for a reward, we are aiming to shift the focus to how it feels when we are kind. By doing so, it is hoped that giving and receiving kindness becomes the norm and the school will be a happier, calmer and more productive place for everyone.

‘A Mind to be Kind’ will be delivered to all pupils as a series of short ‘Stop and Think’ sessions where kindness is explored through three main themes:

  • Acts of Kindness
  • Living without Harming Others
  • Respect

Below you can find an overview of what we will be covering over the 8 week project as well as the ‘try this’ tasks which you can try at home!

A Mind to be Kind Plan Unit One Overview

A Mind to be Kind Try This Tasks – EYFS

A Mind to be Kind Try This Tasks – KS1

A Mind to be Kind Try This Tasks – KS2