‘Aaaargghh Spider!’

16th January 2018

In F2 this half-term our focus book has been ‘Aaaargghh Spider!’ The children have really enjoyed completing activities around this story. The activities included going on a spider hunt, learning spider facts and creating a tally of who does and does not like spiders. Before we began this topic, most children didn’t like spiders, however, that has now changed completely with most children now liking spiders or even going as far as to say they love them!

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This half-term the children have also developed a keen interest in water. Inside they have experimented with how water can change when food colouring is added and they have used construction resources to make a boat that floats. Outside the children have used guttering and a range of large containers to investigate how water can be transported from one place to another. They even had a go at making cups of tea by putting tea bags in the water.

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Look at the fantastic writing that the children have been doing this half-term. They are very eager to write in all areas of the provision which we think is fantastic!

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The teachers are very proud of how the children are developing. They are all becoming more independent and are showing that they are ready to learn.




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