At OSPA, we regularly promote the safe use of technology in school through ICT lessons, assemblies, national internet safety days and frequent enrichment / PHSE lessons. We feel that it is vital that both parents and children feel secure in using information communication technology at home as well as at school. We have secured strong links with the Grimsby Learning Partnership who have started to work in partnership with our academy to give parents an excellent opportunity to engage in this vital area of keeping children safe on-line. We try to provide regular workshops for parents with our aim to inform, advise and offer support regarding ICT issues.  I’m sure that you will agree that although the advent of the internet and technology has opened up a world of opportunities for our pupils, the risks created by the misuse of social media, games and apps can have serious implications.

If you need any advice regarding any E-safety issues please feel free to contact:

 Mr. Preston (ICT co-ordinator)

Here is a useful website that has some excellent information for keeping children safe on-line: