Year 6

Curriculum 2016/2017

Summer Term 2

Year 6 – Hola Mexico!  

Miss Harper and Miss Hardwick would like to welcome you to Year 6.

This term our exciting new topic to introduce the new curriculum is ‘Hola Mexico!’

Welcome to Mexico! Get ready to explore this unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography to its pulsing rhythms and fun-packed festivals. We will kick start our new topic by watching a traditional Mexican performance, such as the Mariachi or Ranchera. We will move our bodies with the music, using percussion such as tambourines, maracas and hand drums to accentuate and drive movement. After all that exertion, we will take a refreshing sip of Latin limeade or a cool sangrita made from tomato juice and orange juice!


In Literacy we will be reading the novel ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar and the story ‘Desert Trip’ by Barbara A. Steiner, we will compare how the desert setting is presented in each book, identifying descriptive words and phrases. We will imagine we have been sent to the Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico to dig holes, we will write a postcard home to our family, describing our experience.


In Maths we will continue to use Effective Maths to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will continue to practice the formal written methods for increasingly large numbers. We will also be taking part in a young enterprise programme, introducing important entrepreneurial talents.


In Science we will find out about El Castillo, a pyramid shaped temple in the centre of Chichén Itza. During the spring and autumn equinox, the sun casts a series of triangular shadows, which creates an illusion the Maya described as a feathered serpent crawling down the pyramid. We will observe a range of shadows and identify the objects that create them.  Using a bright LED torch, we will conduct an investigation to explore the patterns in the size and shape of an object’s shadow, we will record results in a spreadsheet and predict other values using the data we collect.

Art and Design

In art and design we will create amazing stone carvings like the intricate Maya stelae, we will create a design that would transform a breeze block into a sculpture in the style of Maya stelae. We will use tools such as saws, rasps, chisels and hammers to carve amazing patterns.


In Geography we will use world maps and satellite images to locate Mexico and identify which hemisphere it is in and the countries that surround it. We will locate the Chihuahuan Desert and learn about the animal and plant species found there, what the climate is like, the people who live there and the difficulties they face.


In music we will consider why music is so important to Mexican people. We will compare Mexico’s traditional music to traditional British music. We will learn a traditional Mexican song such as the ‘La Cucarcha’, using Spanish lyrics where possible.


We will use web mapping technology such as Google Earth to explore Mexico from above. We will visit the deserts, mountains or urban areas. We will search for images, video clips, live webcams and current weather conditions and draw comparisons with other areas of the world.


In PE we will develop our skills in athletics and cricket.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.