Year 1

Year 1 curriculum 2017/2018

Autumn Term 1


Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Literacy (based on the Power of Reading framework)

This term we will be exploring the text ‘Augustus and his Smile’ by Catherine Rayner. Throughout this there will be a focus on sentence structure and punctuation. We will be encouraging the children to use their phonic knowledge to support their writing. To extend the children’s vocabulary there will be a focus on the use of adjectives (descriptive words) used in their work to make it more exciting.

Phonics (based on the Letters and Sounds program)

The Year 1 children will be

Maths (based on ‘Effective Maths’)

Children in Year 1 will be transitioning onto the ‘Effective Maths’ program adopted by the rest of the whole school. However to begin with we will be focusing on basic number involving counting forwards and backwards and recognising numbers up to 20.


Our Science topic for this term will be ‘Animals, including Humans’. We will identify and name common animals and understand the meaning of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Children will also be naming and labelling parts of the body.

Wider Curriculum/Topic work (based on the Cornerstones Curriculum Framework)

Our topic this term is Paws, Claws and Whiskers! We will be exploring different animals and their habitats. In Art and Design we will be looking at animal prints in closer detail and using different methods to recreate these. During Music we will be exploring African music and the instruments used. We will be moving like animals in different ways.