Year 1

Year 1 curriculum 2017/2018

Spring Term 1

Moon Zoom

Literacy (based on the Power of Reading framework)

This term we will be reading the text ‘Man on the Moon: A Day in the Life of Bob’ by Simon Bertram. Throughout this we will continue to focus on sentence structure and punctuation. Furthermore we will look at word types including nouns, adjectives and verbs. Year 1 will be aiming to write a lot more independently and employing their phonics skills to support. Our Guided Reading will support all of our writing targets.

Maths (based on ‘Effective Maths’)

Children in Year 1 have transitioned well into the ‘Effective Maths’ that we follow at our academy. We will be furthering our learning about shape, time and addition and subtraction.


Our Science topic for this term will be ‘Everyday Materials’. We will identify and name everyday materials and understand their properties.  We will be carrying out numerous experiments and learning about making a fair test and making conclusions.

Wider Curriculum/Topic work (based on the Cornerstones Curriculum Framework)

Our topic this term is called ‘Moon Zoom’. This will incorporate a lot of learning around space and the solar system. We will be integrating this into the rest of our curriculum, including in Literacy. We will also be furthering our learning about the continents and seas of the world in Geography and will continue to build pupils’ artistic skills. All these topics will be used as a tool to consolidate knowledge and skills in our core subjects (Maths, Literacy and Reading).

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