Vision Statement

Technology plays a significant role in today’s society. At Ormiston South Parade Academy, we aim to equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to use this technology positively, safely and responsibly. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that children can confidently use technology to find, analyse, evaluate, create and present information. Alongside this, we want to educate the children on the risks of using technology and provide them with strategies to manage these. By the time children leave OSPA, we want them to have a clear understanding of the benefits of using technology whilst also knowing how to do this responsibly.

The Delivery

When teaching Computing, teachers create a safe, supportive environment in which children are allowed to discuss, explore and gain confidence in using technology. Our whole school approach to Computing is as follows:

  • Teachers follow a set whole school plan (Purple Mash) which ensures that skills are being embedded and that there is progression through the year groups in the three areas of the curriculum (computer science, information technology and digital literacy).
  • E-safety is embedded into the curriculum of each year group to ensure that children have a clear understanding of how to use technology safely. This work is recorded in our class ‘Big Books’ so that teachers and children can continuously refer back to it.
  • Teachers provide children the opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns about the use of technology.
  • Children are given extra opportunities to use technology outside of ICT lessons, such as after school and lunchtime clubs.