The Arts Mark

Pupils and staff at OSPA have recently joined the prestigious Artsmark Award.  Artsmark is Arts Council England’s award for schools that champion the arts and strive for excellence in their provision. It celebrates schools that embrace the arts across the curriculum and make the arts come alive for pupils. The Artsmark is a badge of distinction for schools who engage children and young people in the arts.


Our Artsmark plan:

Over the coming year, staff, pupils and the Artsmark council will be working together to create a statement of commitment to the arts which celebrates our strengths.  Children will have the opportunities to experiment and experience a variety of new artistic forms and express themselves in many mediums.

Why Artsmark?

Artsmark can help unlock the potential of children and young people, help to develop character and talent, and increase their knowledge and understanding. The Artsmark will have wider implications across the curriculum in subjects such as literacy, creativity and communication.

Who is the awarding body?

Awarded by Arts Council England, designed by schools, the new Artsmark award will help schools to deliver a high quality arts and cultural education and provides an excellent way to demonstrate this.