Vision Statement

“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

The teaching of Art at Ormiston South Parade Academy is based on the ideal that everyone can be an artist. We believe that art allows children to express themselves and their ideas about different experiences, while developing their imagination and creativity. Art should facilitate discussion about culture and diversity, which in turn, allows the children to further understand the world around them. Throughout their Art journey at OSPA, children should develop a range of skills to allow them to express their feelings and opinions through the use of different mediums. Children are given the opportunity to build on these skills year on year and gain the knowledge to understand the different type of media. As a result, they can make their own choices in regard to their artwork.  This bank of knowledge and skills then allows the children to document and display their creativity and imagination, which they can confidently carry into later life and continue to develop into their own style.


The Delivery:

When teaching art, teachers create an environment where children are free to express themselves and develop their confidence in using a range of media. OSPA’s approach to teaching Art includes:

  • Teachers plan Art lessons which link to themes, which are taught in History. This includes looking at Art from the time period, studying artists and creating art work in their style.
  • Children also explore the life and work of a range of artists, from both historical periods and modern day, who are from a range of cultural backgrounds.
  • Children are able to use a range of media to create their own work, including oil pastels, sketch pencils, paint, chalk, collage and clay.
  • Through planning, children are encouraged to ask questions about artists and their work as well as discussing what the art shows and means to them.
  • In their own work, children are also encouraged to self-assess in order to develop their own style and improve their skills in each medium.